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Artificial grass is in demand due to its notable virtues, durability, and longevity. Property owners in Ontario are taking Artificial turf installation services to escape the hassles of maintaining a traditional lawn. Installations of artificial Grass in Ontario offer them flexibility and a lush, green, and beautiful yard.

Apart from it, artificial grass is more usable, sustainable, easy to maintain, and has less water requirement. It doesn’t deter or fade under the sunlight and harmful UV rays. These are just a few advantages, but many cannot be counted easily. So consider installing artificial turf Company in Ontario if you are looking for a viable alternative to add greenery to your property.

Approach the Lawn Doctor USA team to install artificial grass in Ontario. We have been catering installation needs of property owners and helping them own charming yards. For the work, there is no better choice than Lawn Doctor USA.

Responsibly Installing Artificial Grass In Ontario Service

Evaluation And Planning

Evaluation & Planning

Our installers visit your property, measure the ground and inspect it properly. According to land requirements, our team plans the installation of synthetic grass in Ontario.

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

To get a smooth surface, we remove existing grass and vegetation. Our experts test soil, eliminate weeds and fungi, and cap sprinklers to proceed further.

Base Making

Base Making

For base making, we remove topsoil to 3 inches and add base materials to cover the void. The practice improves drainage and offers a better finishing appearance.

Base Grading

Base Grading

We grade the base material using a lawn raker. We grade the slope surfaces to 2 to 3% slope and water it to lubricate the particles.

Turf Laying

Turf Laying

Our experts unroll the synthetic turf and lay it according to lawn shape. They cover the entire space and fill leftover areas with small grass strips.

Trimming And Infilling

Trimming & Infilling

We make precise cuts to fit the turf on the ground. Our installers seal the edge and spread a layer of infill materials to give the turf a perfect and comfy appearance.

Why Hire An Installation Company For Laying Fake Synthetic Grass In Ontario?

  • Professional companies have the authority and license to install artificial grass in Ontario.
  • They have the workforces and resources to handle all types of landscapes, including small and large spaces.
  • Turf installers are knowledgeable, and they follow each step carefully without leaving space for errors.
  • Experts use heavy machines and technologies safely without causing any harm to your property.


Artificial Turf Installation In Ontario

Reasons Why People Trust Lawn Doctor USA For Artificial Turf Installation

When it comes to installing artificial turf in Ontario, Lawn Doctor USA is the name you can trust blindly without worrying about the security of your property. We are specialists for lawn care service in Ontario known for having a good reputation and a decade-long experience working in the industry.
We responsibly handle each step, including landscape inspection, vegetation removal, weed barrier, drainage system and base installation, turf installation, trimming, and filling.

Our experts stay updated with the latest trends, and technologies to ensure quality output. Our team has the expertise to perfectly install synthetic grass in Ontario in both small and lavish spaces. They are well aware of the pros and cons of the process. They know how to mitigate the risk of potential damage and security threats. We stand behind our work, ensuring its quality and longevity.

In case of any query regarding the installation of fake grass in Ontario, you can speak to our experts. Lawn Doctor USA has a customer service representative team available to answer questions and provide assistance in time of need.

Communicate with the best lawn installers at Lawn Doctor USA to hire them for synthetic turf installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weeds grow underneath the turf and start making their way toward the surface. Weed growth has no connection with the turf installation process. Weed seeds travel in the air and grow when they get a proper environment. But you can easily remove them through tools or hand-picking.

Insects like flies, grubs, aphids, and fleas often invade the synthetic turf. Along with it, you may find bugs like mosquitoes, vermins, caterpillars, moles, spiders, and other bugs hovering over the turf. You can mitigate them with insect and bug control treatments.

Artificial grass doesn’t need water to stay alive and green. It barely requires water for cleaning and rinsing. Drought or water scarcity will not impact the turf condition at all. You can save the water and use it for other purposes.

No, turf installation will not damage your lawn from anywhere. Experts at Lawn Doctor USA take care of wires, fences, pipes, sprinklers, and other objects during the pre-installation. Our seniors stay alert to ensure the safety of your property.