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Xeriscape landscaping is a unique method to build a healthy, environment-friendly, and sustainable lawn. It involves the use of drought-tolerant plants to promote water conservation. It is popular in states having dry climates and lower groundwater levels. For Xeriscaping, lawn owners choose drought-resistant native plants that hold the capacity to thrive in arid climates with less irrigation.
Xeriscaping promotes water conservation and biodiversity, improves soil conditions, reduces pollution, and prevents soil erosion.

It is an alternative option that helps create green space with little effort. However, fewer efforts don’t make the process effortless. You need the help of landscape designers to choose and plant drought-resistant plants and grass on your lawn. Lawn Doctor USA has an expert team to create lawns using Xeriscaping techniques. Our designers have the knowledge and expertise to choose ideal plants and grass that can survive in tough environmental conditions.

Xeriscape Lawn Building Process

Planning And Designing

Planning & Designing

Our landscape designers plan and design your Xeriscape landscaping process. They consider important factors, including land layout, soil condition, sunlight exposure, etc.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Our experts test the soil to comprehend the structure, pH balance, topography, site slope, and chemical characteristics. The step helps to determine plant types for Xeriscaping.

Plant Selection

Plant Selection

We pick the right plants after measuring their adaptabilities. Before planting it on your lawn, they match the plant virtues with the climate condition of the chosen location.

Turfgrass Selection

Turfgrass Selection

Turfgrass requires more water and often fails to thrive in adverse conditions. That’s why our landscape designers choose drought-tolerant turfgrass to build the lawn.

Landscape Setup

Landscape Setup

Our lawn care specialists plant the selected plants and turf grass on the landscape. They group similar plants and separate the plants having different natures and requirements.

Care And Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Our arborists add organic matter and microorganisms to promote ideal growth. They offer training and advice to help property owners maintain the Xeriscape lawn.

Why Xeriscape Landscaping Is A Convenient Option?

  • Xeriscape landscaping is an environmental option that supports water conservation. With the setup, you can save approximately 8000 gallons of water in one year.
  • Xeriscaping is a time-saving option as it requires less maintenance. You can easily keep your lawn healthy with less mowing, mulching, fertilization, and aeration.
  • It is more resistant to harsh weather, drought, pests, lawn diseases, and weed growth. You can eliminate weeds by trimming and mulching.


Why Xeriscape Landscaping Is A Convenient Option

Lawn Doctor USA - Creating Your Water Wise Landscape

Lawn Doctor USA is the perfect choice to design and build your Xeriscape lawn. We have an expert in-house landscape designing team that knows the art of creating eye-pleasing and eco-friendly lawns. Our designers and lawn care specialists have the expertise to identify drought-resistant native plants, grass, and local flora & fauna. They pick the plants and grass after comprehending their nature, growth factors, requirements, and abilities.

Our team possesses years-long experience in practicing sustainable Xeriscape landscaping. Together, they design and build your green lawn with drought-resistant plants that are strong enough to resist environmental challenges. We note down your specifications and objectives before finalizing the lawn design. Our lawn care specialists choose native plants and grass that suit the landscape space, surroundings, and climate conditions.

They separate plants as per their virtues and requirements. Our team members plant similar plants in a group to cater to their irrigation needs. So you can manage them with little irrigation, care, and effort. Our expert team ensures smoothness and effectiveness in the process. They use the best Xeriscaping practices and train you to maintain the lawn properly.

Call us to build an attractive, green Xeriscape lawn in your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xeriscaping eliminates irrigation needs and sustains plants with little or no water. It does not involve high water-demanding plants and focuses on hardscape features that don’t require water. In this setup, landscapers group the plants according to their irrigation needs.

We suggest you choose native plants that thrive in your area. Native plants will have fewer irrigation requirements and can survive environmental challenges easily. They will grow well and stay strong with little care and maintenance.

Yes, Xeriscaping is an eco-friendly, sustainable gardening method. It saves water, requires fewer resources, and minimal labor. With fewer efforts, it offers the same results, purifying the air and environment.

Its maintenance practices solely depend on the plant and grass type. Each plant is grouped and maintained differently. You must consult Lawn Doctor USA experts to learn them.

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