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Insects and pests love sheltering in green lawns, eating their fertility and productivity bit by bit. Pests like grubs (beetle larvae), chinch bugs, armyworms, cutworms, and sod webworms cover your lawn and damage it. To protect your precious lawn from these nasty creatures, you must take lawn pest control treatments. Otherwise, they can turn your green lawn into a barren land that has nothing but rotten and brown grass.

Lawn pest control treatment builds a layer of protection around the lawn, grass, and plants to shield it against invasive pests. It wards off larvae hiding under the soil and foliage and menacing invaders like ants, roaches, water bugs, and termites. However, pest control is not an individual’s duty. You must give it to a responsible lawn care company like Lawn Doctor USA. We are a family of certified lawn care experts that specializes in handling lawn pest infestation.

Our Process Of Lawn Care Pest Control

Lawn Inspection

Lawn Inspection

Our lawn care specialists conduct a walk-in inspection to understand your lawn structure, grass, and plant types. They take a look at the affected area due to pest infestation.

Symptoms Identification

Symptoms Identification

They notice symptoms like yellow grass, brown patches, grass thinning, etc. Based on the grass and plant conditions, they try to identify the pest type which has infested the lawn.

Lab Testing

Lab Testing

We take a sample of the soil, and grass for lab testing. Our experts generate a detailed report stating pest type, lawn condition, and infestation stage.

Pest Control

Pest Control Treatment Plan

We draft the plan and prepare the lawn to spread the yard pesticide. Our arborists choose the best treatment keeping pest infestation severity, soil, and grass type in mind.

Applying Treatment

Applying Treatment

Our team sprays the chosen chemicals and lawn pesticides to eliminate invasive pests from your lawn. During the process, we follow the guidelines and take all safety measurements.

Frequent Follow-Ups

Frequent Follow-Ups

Our team frequently visits your lawn to know how the treatment is affecting the lawn. If they identify issues, they take preventive measures to repel the negative effects.

Why You Need Treatment For Lawn Insect Control?

  • Lawn pest control creates a protective zone for plants, trees, and grass growing within the area.
  • It stops the pests from reaching inside your house and spreading the infestation beyond the lawn boundary.
  • Yard pest control treatment eliminates invasive insects and pests like wasps and fire ants that have the potential to severely damage your lawn.
  • Using non-toxic lawn pesticide promotes healthy growth, productivity, long life, and fertility.


Why You Need Treatment For Lawn Insect Control

Why Choose Lawn Doctor USA For Taking Yard Pest Control Treatment?

Lawn Doctor USA is a devoted lawn care company known and appreciated for its diligence and fidelity. Our organization understands that a healthy lawn takes effort, hard work, and expertise to thrive in all seasons and weather conditions. But pest infestation can ruin the effort and reduce lawn fertility and productivity. To save lawn owners from this situation, we are offering lawn care pest control services.

We have a team of expert arborists to identify pest infestation symptoms and customize a treatment plan. Our lawn care specialists apply the yard pesticide, spray, and safe chemicals to give your lawn the boost it needs. We offer preventative and sustainable treatments that do not harm your lawn’s productivity. Our team uses advanced equipment to spray the pesticides on your lawn and to carry out the whole process safely.

After finishing the work, we take multiple follow-ups to see its effects on the lawn soil, plants, and grass. Our team ensures your lawn or property does not suffer any damage or side effects from the treatment. Lawn Doctor USA has a license to carry out the lawn disease control process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pest control safety largely depends on the type of pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals applied to eliminate invasive pests. Our company uses reliant and non-toxic pesticides that do not cause any harm to your lawn, property, environment, and health.

The yard pest control process is relentless and cannot be performed without the presence of certified lawn care specialists. They know the process, time, and techniques to execute the process safely.

Yard pest control is a continuous process and does not guarantee a permanent cure. After a few months, pests may arrive due to the growth of new plants and grass. We suggest you take the treatment at least thrice a year.

The result depends on the type of pest treatment. Some treatments may give instant results, and some may take more time to display them. Irrespective of time, pest control will show positive results and eliminate invasive pests from your lawn.

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