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Extreme heat and drought can leave a serious impact on lawn turf. Weather forecasts define drought as a season that receives little or no rain for a very long time. It could be short or long, depending on the season and weather conditions of the area. Lawn drought care is essential because lawns face loss of productivity and fertility in absence of proper care. Without proper treatment, lawn grass may face wilting, discoloration, and even death.

The grass starts turning yellow then brown, and slowly lawn turf loses its color and succumbs to death. Professional lawn drought treatment, maintenance, and treatment by Lawn Doctor USA can save the lawn from dying unexpected death. We have a team to nourish your lawn during a drought. Our arborists are well-aware of the season and its care practices. They know how to repel the adverse effects and bring the lawn back to vibrancy.

Preventive Lawn Drought Treatment Process

Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment

Our lawn care experts visit your lawn to assess the damage it has suffered due to drought. We suggest restoration methods according to the damage severity.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

We aerate the lawn to eliminate the thatch layer and compacted soil. It also regulates water, nutrients, sunlight, and air penetration into the soil.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

We spread lawn fertilizers on the soil if the grass can recover to its old position. Our lawn care team cut off brown and dead grass to control the damage.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

We mow your lawn to remove the yellow, brown and dead grass to save the remaining yard. Our experts fill the bare patches and overseed the areas to promote new growth.

Restoration Plan

Restoration Plan

In case of serious damage, we prepare a plan to sow seeds to plant new grass and plants. Our drought care specialists also overseed the entire lawn to recover its greenery.

Care And Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Our arborists nourish the root and soil by adding organic matter and microorganisms. They install an irrigation system and sprinklers in your lawn that water the plants properly.

How Lawn Drought Care Revives Yard Vibrancy?

  • Lawn drought care helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing water loss.
  • It keeps the lawn healthy and green in arid climates and protects it against extreme sunlight exposure and heat.
  • Drought treatments shield the lawn from succumbing to unexpected death.
  • It can revive lost fertility, promoting germination and new growth.
  • Preventive treatments will make it more resilient to future drought conditions.


How Lawn Drought Care Revives Yard Vibrancy

How Lawn Doctor USA Experts Restore Your Lawn From Drought Damage?

Having a lush green lawn is a dream for property owners but maintaining it during drought is a nightmare. Understanding their plight, Lawn Doctor USA is offering lawn drought treatment and lawn care services. We restore the lawn fertility and revive the dead parts that have suffered from drought stress.

To restore the lawn to its previous position, we follow a regular lawn care routine that includes proper irrigation, fertilization, mulching, core aeration, and lawn mowing. Our arborists prepare customized treatments to overseed the dead areas. We also plant new grass if the lawn has suffered severe damage that cannot be recovered.

To reduce nutrient and water scarcity, our lawn care technicians install an irrigation system in your lawn to ensure on-time lawn watering. Our experts possess decade-long experience in treating drought-affected lawns. They know the life cycle of plants and grass and how drought robs their productivity. They customize the lawn drought treatment using proven landscaping techniques that do not leave any side effects. With our assistance and expertise, you can get your green and prosperous lawn back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can take two ways to survive the drought condition. Water your lawn up to 0.5 inches once in two weeks, only to keep it alive. Water the lawn 2 to 3 times a week up to 1 inch and let it soak properly.

No, you must not water your lawn daily during drought. Daily watering will worsen the condition. We suggest you speak to lawn care specialists at Lawn Doctor USA to learn the irrigation routine.

The process may take two weeks or a month to recover the lawn grass from drought damage. You may have to reseed or lay sod if the grass is completely dead. Recovery time depends on the damage extent your lawn has suffered.

It depends on the damage extent. You can restore lawn fertility and greenery if the damage is not severe. If it is the other way around, you must consult Lawn Doctor USA to take drought recovery treatments.

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