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Aeration and seeding are great ways to revitalize your tired lawns in Ontario. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and creates channels for air and water to reach the turf roots. Grass seeding in Ontario thickens and strengthens lawn grass, improving overall health and appearance. However, the process is tricky and demands expertise. So better to leave the work for professionals than to take the matter without knowledge and experience.

Professionals at Lawn Doctor USA will bring your sick lawn back to life. We have the essential equipment to handle the responsibility.

Our experts know which seeds are best for grass seeding in Ontario. They assess the climate, region, and weather conditions to choose the seed type. Apart from it, they deeply aerate the soil and create tailored plans for the whole process. Their lawn care services in Ontario benefit your lawn maximum with the least effort and digging.

Process Of Core Aeration & Seeding

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

We test the lawn soil to determine its quality and which type of seeds will suit its composition and requirements. It helps choose the best grass seeds, compost, and fertilizers.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

To continue with lawn aeration in Ontario, our experts mow your lawn. They clean debris, broken branches, dead leaves, twigs, and sticks from the area.

Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration

We take the help of a lawn aerator to punch small holes in the soil. It eliminates the thatch layer and breaks soil compaction, allowing oxygen to travel through the air pockets.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn care specialists apply a layer of fertilizers to give the soil a balanced dose of micronutrients. lawn Fertilization makes the seeding process more effective.

Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding

We spread suitable grass seeds across the lawn and cover the ground with topsoil. For even distribution, our lawn care experts use a seed spreader.

Lawn Watering & Red Flags Marking

Lawn Watering

We irrigate the lawn to promote seed germination. Watering saturates the soil and properly mixes seeds while keeping the soil moist until the seeds start germinating.

Why Hire Experts For Seeding & Aeration In Ontario

  • They will deeply aerate the lawn and break thatch layer and compacted soil without harming roots and soil fertility.
  • Experts help choose safe grass seeds and fertilizers that match local climate and weather conditions.
  • They have the expertise to evenly distribute grass seeds on the ground without leaving any bare spots.
  • Professionals will finish the process of lawn aeration in Ontario with minimal digging.


Lawn Doctor USA; Offering Comprehensive Core Aeration & Seeding Services

Lawn Doctor USA is a one-stop shop for lawn owners that need professional services for grass seeding and lawn aeration in Ontario. Our company is capable of working in a variety of landscapes, be it commercial or residential. We use effective methods to keep your lawn in top condition. Our experts will assess your lawn and determine effective strategies for obtaining desired results.

They recommend viable treatments for core aeration, topdressing, grass seeding, and overseeding, depending on the condition of your lawn.
With our professional services for grass seeding and aeration in Ontario, your lawn will be taken care of with the best techniques and treatments available. Their treatments involve the use of chemical-free products and materials. These products don’t harm your lawn in the long run. They will also use the best quality seeds to ensure the health and strength of lawn grass.

If you want to own a healthy, lush lawn, Lawn Doctor USA is your go-to place. With our care and maintenance, your yard will become a source of pride and embellishment for the property.

Speak to our Lawn Doctor USA experts to take lawn care services and consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use these suggestions while seeding your lawn.

  • Rake the soil to break up clumps, and mulch the lawn to retain moisture
  • Use a seed spreader for even distribution
  • Use a lawn roller for ground flattening
  • Choose the best grass seed for Ontario lawns

The ideal season for lawn seeding depends on the soil and grass type. Cool-season grasses have different requirements than warm-season grasses. You must consult professionals to know the right time for seeding.

You may fail to understand the soil type, composition, and condition. Along with it, aeration tools are hard to use for inexperienced gardeners. Also, you may not understand weather conditions to plan the process accordingly.

Professionals will help you choose safe and chemical-free grass seeds, compost, fertilizers, and other products. They will have adequate tools to seed your lawn evenly without overlapping.