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Property owners strive hard and struggle to keep up with lawn care and maintenance requirements. A few areas in Pomona often experience weather changes, making lawn care in Pomona harder for yard owners. Hire lawn care experts to hand over the responsibility if you also face such troubles.

Professionals handle each lawn care task from mowing and aeration to fertilization and lawn weed control. They cover a range of lawn services that gardeners cannot handle or learn. But there are many solution providers for lawn service in Pomona in the market, and you need the best one.

Lawn Doctor USA could be the best savior for your lawn. We have the extensive knowledge, and years-long experience to properly care for your lawns. Our experts diagnose problems, develop treatment plans, repel damage and offer consultation to yield the best possible results. We trim, prune, edge, and fertilize your lawn to make it disease-free and enhance curb appeal.

State-Of-The-Art Solutions For Lawn Care In Pomona
Lawn Pruning

Lawn Pruning

Our Pomona lawn care experts prune branches, twigs, leaves, stems, and other unnecessary parts to stop disease & infestation spread.

Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging

We separate lawn grass, plants, and other areas to give the lawn a defined shape. These garden borders help do other lawn maintenance work efficiently.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Our specialists use a variety of safe fertilizers, such as slow-release, fast-release, lawn starter, weed and feed, and other fertilizers.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Core aeration exfoliates your lawn, fulfills nutrient deficiency, and improves drainage. We focus on effective aeration practices to yield maximum benefits.

Spring & Fall Maintenance

Our spring & fall maintenance services comprise lawn cleaning, planting, flower bed preparation, weed control, lawn trimming, pruning, and mulching.

Lawn Disease Treatment

Lawn Disease Management

Our experts offer proactive treatments to manage diseases. Our treatments recover damage, stimulate new growth, and boost germination & soil fertility.

Qualities Of Pomona Lawn Care & Maintenance Experts

  • Lawn maintenance is time-consuming and effortful. By taking lawn service in Pomona from professional companies, you can offer efficacious care while saving your time and effort.
  • After plantation, the lawn may take days or even months to attain growth. With professional assistance, your lawn will obtain fast growth and positive results.
  • Pomona lawn care experts will give your lawn an extra dose of nutrition while controlling disease, pest, and weed growth.
  • They will train you with regular care and maintenance practices.


Benefits Of Connecting With Lawn Doctor USA

Lawn Doctor USA is a loyal and prestigious lawn care company committed to providing standard quality lawn service in Pomona. We know the importance of having a clean and green environment. Hence, our lawn care specialists focus on keeping the lawn healthy and prosperous.

For lawn care in Pomona, we offer various services like mowing, aeration, mulching, seeding, pruning, trimming, lawn overseeding, fertilization, edging, etc. Our additional service criteria include pest and disease management, weed control, lawn bed maintenance, irrigation system installation, etc. We labor hard to surpass our customers’ expectations and offer better services than they wanted to have for their lawns.

We constantly update our methods to ensure you get the best possible results and desired growth. We understand owners have busy lives, so we handle each task individually and responsibly. We discuss the plan with you in advance to avoid last-moment mistakes. Our experts carry out the procedure and finish the work with perfection. Our Pomona lawn care team takes pride in serving customers. We are committed to excellence and value customer satisfaction above all.

Communicate with the Lawn Doctor USA team to take lawn services and consult lawn care experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short grass is more vulnerable to diseases, pests, and other environmental stresses. It also hinders photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. So we advise you to keep the grass length between 3 to 4 inches in height.

Pre-emergents are a type of herbicide that restrict weed seeds’ germination. They form a barrier in the soil that stops weed seeds from sprouting. These emergents are applied before weed seeds germination, and that’s why they are called ‘Pre-emergents.’

Both raking and mulching have their advantages. Lawn raking is great for collecting leaves and debris and helps to aerate the soil. Mulching is a good option to add nutrients to your lawn and help inhibit weed growth. We recommend you choose these practices according to your requirements.

You can contact the Lawn Doctor USA executive team to address your queries related to our services and lawn care and maintenance practices. They will answer you immediately. If you need more consultation, our team will forward your call to experts for further communication.