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Artificial grass landscapes are a feasible option for Santee property owners. It can be installed within a day or two without going through the troubles of grass planting, fertilization, and seeding. Artificial turf in Santee offers ease and comfort that is hard to achieve while growing a traditional lawn. The setup has fewer maintenance requirements, and it doesn’t fade under sunlight or deter due to outdoor allergens.

It reduces the need for treatments like pest control, weed control, disease management, and soil and root nourishment. You can manage it with minimal mowing, cleaning, and irrigation. For installing artificial grass in Santee, you can approach Lawn Doctor USA. Our experts will take responsibility for the process and finish it with excellence. Our designers help you choose the grass type and color suiting your surroundings and landscape design.

Simplifying The Process Of Turf Installation in Santee

Lawn Inspection

Lawn Inspection

Our specialists visualize the chosen area to plan the turf installation process. They test the soil, measure land, decide on the grass type, and choose the required tools.

Weed Block Placement

Weed Block Placement

We place weed blocks of 2 to 6 mm to support the turf and improve structural integrity. These blocks offer stability, comfort, fulfillment, and durability.

Base Installation And Compaction

Base Installation & Compaction

For base installation, we lay the 7.5 to 10 cm of compacted material combined with pebbles and rocks. Our experts press the edges to compact the ground.

Turf Installation

Turf Installation

Our experts unroll the turf rolls on the ground, press them firmly, fill bare patches, and clear rocks and debris. We finish the process with ease and perfection.

Artificial Grass Trimming

Grass Trimming

We cut or trim the extra parts coming out of the ground and seal the edges. Our experts make sharp and clean cuts to avoid damaging the rest of the turf.

Grass Infilling

Grass Infilling

To give it a perfect finish, we fill the grass with infill materials using hand tools and a drop spreader. We put it slowly to avoid overlapping the rows.

Exceptional Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass In Santee

  • Artificial turf in Santee is a viable option to improve the look and function of a yard. You don’t have to go through the hassles of growing natural grass.
  • It is designed with low-maintenance durable materials that don’t need frequent mowing, fertilization, and irrigation.
  • It stays in adequate condition for years with minimal upkeep and expenses.
  • An artificial turf is an environment-friendly option as it helps reduce water consumption and soil erosion.


Exceptional Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass In Santee

Why Lawn Doctor USA Is The Best Company For Turf Installation?

Lawn Doctor USA is among the leading artificial turf installation companies. We take pride in our work and commitment to quality which is reflected in our hard work and services. We successfully install the artificial grass in Santee without causing any damage to your landscape and property.

Our turfs are manufactured using high-quality durable materials that stay stuck to your lawn for years. They have the power to resist the effects of pollution, sunlight, heat, adverse temperature, pest attack, and wear & tear. Our professional team serves a wide range of customization options to support you build an eye-pleasing and attractive green lawn. We follow a certain process to unroll the synthetic grass in your yards.

Our lawn care specialists set the ground, prepare the base, and flatten the surface before laying the turf on the landscape. Our customer service team labors hard to help you with each step, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Our expertise, work quality, and proven techniques vouch for our efficiency and commitment.

Speak to our consultant to book our services and gather more information about the installation of fake grass in Santee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass is more durable and flexible to use and demands less maintenance. It’s the best alternative for property owners who have no time to take care of a lawn. Moreover, artificial grass doesn’t attract pests, insects, and diseases and doesn’t deter under adverse circumstances.

Yes, artificial grass is made of recyclable material that can be reused for serving other purposes. It also contributes to water conservation and soil fertility. However, it is not a biodegradable option, and will not decay with time.

Infills are essential to cover the spaces that have less material. They give it a finishing touch, maximizing its lifespan. The process makes the turf more durable and comfortable for your lawn. Connect with Lawn Doctor USA to infill your turf with quality material and to get installation services for fake grass in Santee.

We use weed fabric, lawn pads, staples, turf seam tape, nails, and infills for installation. Our lawn care technicians carefully use these accessories to finish the synthetic grass installation.