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How Much Does Sod Cost To Install

How Much Does Sod Cost To Install In 2023

A lawn is the backbone of your home or office. It increases the property value and facilitates a soft, comfortable area for all outdoor activities. Having a healthy lawn makes the perfect area for playing. If you need a lush lawn and need it as quickly as possible, then you should consider availing sod installation services for your yard.

Nevertheless, you have to take the necessary steps before laying sod, such as lawn type, how often you need to water it, and when to mow after sod installation in San Diego. You can easily transform your yard within a day with sod installation in San Diego. However, it comes with a cost and other essential steps before installing it.

So, in this blog, we will discuss the sod installation cost and other preparation that impact the overall cost. Go through the most important factors and learn more about sod price estimation.

Average Sod Installation Cost In 2023

In 2023, the average sod installation cost is around $7000 for a standard-size yard. According to the yard size, grass type, and ground preparation price range may vary. Site accessibility is also one of the essential factors that decide the overall sod installation cost.

If you won a big yard, needed to install a special grass variety, or required the sprinkler installation system, the price range may reach up to & 17,999. Otherwise, property owners can expect to pay between $7000 to $11,500 for sod installation.

For reducing the sod installation cost, you can install the sod yourself. You can install it in smaller areas. It helps to minimize the overall labor cost. You can save around $850. You also need to prep the ground for the sod installation in San Diego.

Considering all potential expenses, in this blog we have comprised the sod installation costs in 2023. Along with materials and labor, this price also includes the ground preparation cost.

Per square foot, you need to pay around $0.30 to $0.95, considering the sod type. Here the price does not include the delivery cost. Delivery cost various between $0.70 to $2.00

In the following lines, go through the most common factors that determine the sod installation cost:

Sod Type & Grade

The most crucial factor that determines the sod prices is the type and grade of the grass. Wherein type cites the grass variety and drate sites the root system strength. Higher-grade sods are easily maintainable and installable since they have more developed roots.

Low-cost sod needs more care to keep it healthy and protect it from deadly diseases. Therefore, it costs more in maintenance after a while. These sod may cost you around $0.30 per square foot. For mid-range, you may need to pay around $0.55, and for high grade, around $0.90.

Higher-grade grass is expensive, but it offers better quality with stronger toots. It can easily withstand different weather conditions better than lower sod varieties. Higher-grade sod is recommended where you need thicker grass and where traffic is high. For moderate-traffic areas, you can choose lower-grade sod.

Yard Shape & Size

Your yard size and shape also play a crucial role in determining the cost, especially the labor and installation cost. Sod installation in San Diego for larger yards costs more since the sod is sold by the square foot measure.

The most cost-effective option is a rectangular and square lawn while installing sod since it requires fewer cuts. Curved edges require more cuts to fit in the precise yard size.

The rule applies to various obstacles in your yard, such as trees or plants. The sod installer has to cut around these obstacles and install them, which requires more time and effort, and ultimately, sod cost rises.

Yard Preparation

Yard preparation also costs, which is another factor that we have to consider in sod installation costs. You will have to pay for removing old grass, soil amendments, leveling, and grading your yard for sod installation in San Diego. There are also other steps involved with yard preparation which may require more investment.

The most essential yard preparation task is to weed out the existing lawn. It creates an ideal environment for the sod to thrive and keep your lawn healthier for a longer time. Grass removal costs somewhere around $1.80. Weeding and preparing existing lawns may cost between %1 to $2.50 per square foot. The cost for leveling and grading your yard may charge you between $1250 to $4100, depending on your yard.

Another common preparation step is a soil amendment. It adds required nutrients so your lawns stay healthy and resistant to deadly infestation. It improves soil health. Soil amendment cost varies between $150 to $550. Soil treatment helps to retain more water and enhance drainage.


Sod farm distance to your home plays the deciding factor on sod delivery cost. If your home is far from the sod farm, expect to pay higher delivery charges. Based on your location delivery, charges vary between $45 to $220 or may cost more.

For rush delivery, specific day, or delivery on a particular time, then expect to pay more. However, some companies also waive the delivery charges if you buy a certain amount of sod or you are paying professional installation charges.


You can connect with Lawn Doctor USA for sod installation services, we will assess your yard and give you an estimation of what preparation steps are needed for your yard. It is up to you whether you want to avail their sod installation services or not. However, you have to ensure that you do not skip particular steps, or it may impact the sod’s health and life.

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