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Comparing Artificial Turf To Natural Grass

Comparing Artificial Turf To Natural Grass: Which Is Right For You

The practice of artificial grass installation makes the lawn look aesthetically pleasing. It is more durable, has a soft surface that lasts longer, and demands less maintenance. Meanwhile, natural grass purifies the environment, eliminates toxic pollutants, and releases fresh air which is beneficial for human health.

Natural grass vs. artificial grass is a never-ending debate. It has been in the talk for years and may continue as well. Both types have their edges and drawbacks. The choice depends on your necessities and expectations. You have to evaluate many prospects before picking the final option.

However, these points are just the beginning of the comparison. It is way wide and involves many other perspectives. In this blog, we will discuss the topic in length to help you decide which option is better for you.

Pros Of Artificial Fake Grass Installation

  • Artificial grass is low maintenance alternative and does not require mowing, fertilization, and other regular upkeep. It saves your time, effort, and investment in the long run.
  • Synthetic grass is more resilient to weather conditions and environmental stress. Heavy rains, floods, drought, and extreme temperatures cannot damage it easily.
  • It is a great option for areas that receive heavy foot traffic. The grass type is more durable than natural grass and can withstand wear and tear better than its alternative.
  • Artificial grass is also a viable option that lasts long and doesn’t fade under sunlight. It stays healthy and lush, making the lawn appear more charming and dense forever.

Cons Of Artificial Grass Installation

  • Artificial grass blades are not as soft and natural as real grass. During rain or summer, it is difficult or uncomfortable to walk on it.
  • It is expensive to buy and install and also requires maintenance which escalates the investment cost.
  • You will have to brush and regularly vacuum the grass blades to maintain their appearance and feel.
  • Artificial grass installation offers no health benefits. It does not release oxygen or purify the air. It does not absorb water and cannot contribute to water runoff and prevent floods.

Advantages Of Growing Green Grass On Your Lawn

  • Traditional grass spruces up your lawn and adds a lush green look that appears attractive and inviting.
  • Beyond the beauty, green grass also helps reduce soil erosion, control temperatures, improve air quality, and eliminate toxins from the environment. Green grass emits oxygen that clears the air and builds healthy surroundings that nurture the ecosystem and life on Earth.
  • Green grass has soft blades that absorb sound and reduce noise pollution. You can use it as a natural filter for rainwater runoff and catch pollutants before they reach the waterways.
  • It cools down the ground burning due to the scorching summer heat. Green grass has thick blades that insulate the ground, decreasing the surface temperatures by several degrees. You can survive the heat without facing adverse consequences, especially if you are living in a hot and dry climate.

Disadvantages Of Growing Green Grass On Your Lawn

  • Growing a traditional lawn is a resource-intensive process. The lawn requires irrigation, fertilization, pest management, weed control, disease, and other chemical treatments.
  • It is hard to keep the grass healthy over time. It attracts pests, diseases, weeds, and fungal infections and grass blades deter due to environmental challenges. You will have to hire professionals for lawn maintenance and care.
  • Lawn maintenance is a time-consuming task and also limits the outdoor space of your yard. You may have to invest time in irrigating, trimming, and mowing the lawn.
  • Lawn maintenance involves the use of chemical fertilizers that can pollute the environment, and waterways and contaminate the soil.
  • Traditional lawn grass is less-tolerant to droughts and other extreme weather conditions. It may require supplemental watering to stay healthy and green.
  • It attracts pests, mosquitos, ants, ticks, and other insects that may enter your property or disrupt outdoor activities.

Synthetic Grass Vs. Real Grass Which Is Better?

As we mentioned before, synthetic grass vs. real grass is a never-ending debate. Ultimately, the choice between artificial turf and natural grass comes down to your personal preferences. Go for artificial grass installation if you wish to have the look and feel of a green lawn without going through the hassles of lawn maintenance. Grow a green lawn if you want to stay close to nature, have time to invest in gardening, and wish to build healthy surroundings.

Why Seek Help From Lawn Doctor USA Experts To Make The Decision?

Lawn Doctor USA is a professional lawn care company specializing in lawn care, maintenance, and fake grass installation. Our experts help you choose the right option after assessing your lawn and understanding your requirements.

They handle the installation or grass growing and plantation process from start to finish. We also offer maintenance services for both types, so you don’t have to stress about lawn upkeep. With our help, you can achieve your lawn-growing goals and create a vibrant space outside your property.

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